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Newborn Granny Square Beanie + Notes to Upsize - Free Crochet Pattern


In a few other posts I have mentioned that a co-worker of mine is having a little girl soon. I have taken it upon myself to make up some cute little girl items for her to enjoy on her new little princess. 

This morning I worked up three hats with one ball of yarn (and still have plenty of yarn left!). This is one of three (for now) hat patterns I will be sharing!

   - Worsted Weight Yarn - I used Deborah Norville's Everyday Soft in Baby Pink
**This yarn is one of my favorites to work with. It is very soft, has some stretch to it but still holds it's form and is 100% acrylic. All of these qualities are great for baby items as per guidelines I have received from the Winnie Palmer Hospital for Women and Babies. PLUS! It's an anti-pilling yarn which means it will hold up better from wear and being washed!
   - H8/5mm Hook
   - Tapestry Needle for Weaving in Ends

*Get creative with your color choice! You can make the top crown and bottom rounds of single crochets in one color and the granny square pattern in the center a different pattern. You could also use several colors to create a multi colored hat! Below are some other examples of hats I made for my little cousin Madison as a birthday gift. (I do not have toddler sizing up yet, but if you are interested in it, leave me a comment! Otherwise, you could see the Pattern Notes below for resizing information.)

This one was made with I Love This Yarn in
Pink and Pistache.

This one was made with Vanna's Choice yarn in Raspberry.

Time Spent:
   I was able to finish this hat in half an hour.

   Newborn Size. Crown is 4.25" in diameter to equal a hat size of almost 13.5", and it measures 4.5" in length. 
This pattern is very easy to resize - see the Pattern Notes for more information.

   CH - Chain
   ss - Slip Stitch
   ST - Stitch
   DC - Double Crochet
   ea - each
   SC - Single Crochet
   sp - space

Pattern Notes:
   A few months ago, I posted the Crochet Adult Granny Square Beanie in Pink Camo. When I decided to make this baby hat, I turned to my pattern to see if I could just downsize it. The basic idea is the same, but I slightly adjusted the method and since doing it to this hat, I may just have to revisit my adult size one.
In this baby granny square beanie, you will not be chaining one in between the cluster of double crochets so there will not be a chain one space, however, with the skipping of stitches in the foundation row, it will automatically form the spaces you will need to work this like a granny square.

To make this hat in ANY size, simply make the crown to the necessary size and then begin with your granny square pattern. You will want the number of stitches in your last round of increases on your crown to be divisible by 3 - the following pattern below has 44 stitches in the last round of increase based on the pattern, but I added an extra double crochet in the last stitch to make it 45 stitches.



CH 5. Join to form a ring. CH 2. 11 DC into ring. Join. (11 DC)

Round 2: CH 2. 2 DC in ea ST around. Join. (22 DC)

Round 3: CH 2. 2 DC in first DC, DC in next DC, (2 DC in next DC, DC in next DC) around. Join. (33 DC)

Round 4: CH 2. 2 DC in first DC, DC in next two DC, (2 DC in next DC, DC in next two DC) around. Add 1 DC to the last st. Join. (45 DC)

Round 5: CH 2. 2 DC in same sp as join. (sk 2 DCs, 3 DC in next DC) 13 times. Join to the top of the first DC (not the beginning CH 2). (14 Groups of 3 DC)

Round 6 - 9: SS over to the sp, CH 2. 2 DC in same sp. (3 DC in next sp) around. Join to the top of the first DC.

Round 10: CH 1. SC in same sp as join and in each of the DCs and sps around. Join to first SC.

Round 11: CH 1. SC in ea SC around. Join to first SC.

Fasten off and Weave in Ends.
*Note: It is best to weave your work in and out in a zig zag kind of motion for baby hats, as recommended by the hospital.

Please feel free to make and sell these granny square beanies, but please DO NOT claim this pattern as your own nor should you sell my pattern, and DO NOT re-publish my photos as your own. DO NOT copy and paste my pattern anywhere, link to it instead.

Don't Crochet but Interested in Purchasing One?
I have some hats available in my Etsy shop. Feel free to send in your custom color or size requests. Some yarn options include: Deborah Norville's Everyday Soft, Red Heart With Love, Hobby Lobby's I Love This Cotton Yarn

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  1. The Granny Square is so versatile, isn't it? This is a really cute hat! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Is this for newborns or for 3-6 month olds? The title says one thing and the actual URL link says another. Let me know, thanks!

    1. I originally made it to 3-6 month measurements, but after working up some for my sister in law whom is a newborn photographer, she said they'd be a better fit for a newborn, so I changed the info to reflect for newborn though I couldn't change the URL.

    2. Hello Brittany! It's been a while, but I just updated this pattern to include a revised newborn size, a 3-6 month size and a 6-12 month size - I hope you'll come over to try it out :)

  3. Such a cute hat, thanks for posting! I want to make it with 4ply yarn though... and it occurs to me that the sizing will be vastly different. Do you have any tips for me?

    1. I would suggest making a 4.25" crown for a newborn size, or a 4.75" crown for a 3-6 month size. Also, make sure the number of stitches in your crown is divisible by 3.
      No matter which of these two sizes you choose to make, work hat to a length of 5".
      I have been meaning to update this pattern with multiple sizes, thanks for the motivation :)
      Would love to see your finished hat!

  4. Would love to see those updated sizes! My little one is 4 1/2 months old right now, but would love to have a size that would see her through the coming winter months!

    1. I am so glad you asked! I will work on the update this weekend :)

    2. The updated version including a revised newborn size, a 3-6 month size and a 6-12 month size is now live :) - Thanks so much for your request!
      Toddler, Child and Adult are on the way.

  5. I'm stuck on the 1st row when making the Granny Squares. 14 and skip every 2 I have more then 14 Granny Squares. TIA.

    1. You are correct, counting the beginning cluster there should be 15 (if you have a 45 stitch crown).
      I have recently updated this pattern. You can find it here -

  6. Love this pattern, so easy to follow!

    1. LOVE to hear that! If you've made some from this pattern, I would love to see em :)
      PS I updated this pattern to include two more sizes, and you can find it here:

  7. I love this little beanie and that you are making it for our little preemies in this world. My son was a preemie thank God he is a happy healthy 9 yr olod little boy today

    1. Oops! This comment snuck by me. I was a preemie too! Thankfully I am here to tell the story and share the love to othet preemies. I have a long list of patterns I want to work on for preemies.

  8. Hello,
    How can I turn this Ahhmmzzzzing pattern into a matching cocoon, I had a pdf..but its not making sense, would I just continue to increase idk...not a designer, please help,it's suppose to be done by 6.25.17 I've written to the other designer with no outcome in sight, & I've already made the granny blanket,
    Well Thank you for your time in advance,
    Blessings & Smiles,
    Theresa ♡

    1. I love babies in cocoons :) So cute! For a newborn, you'll want a circumference of aboit 19" so you'll need to continue increasing until you have a diameter of about 6 1/8", and then work in pattern until 18" tall.